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Founded in 2006, Trito Agro-Industrial Services, Inc. is a Puerto Rican corporation dedicated to providing integrated systems for recycling, water treatment, composting and the creation of soil conditioners for a clean, resilient, efficient and sustainable agriculture.


Our President, Mr. Carlos Enrique Pacheco Irizarry, has maintained a consultancy specializing in the design of wastewater systems through his successful firm of PC&A - Ingenieros Consultores. During the 1970s, he developed his awareness of how to achieve significant energy savings in his projects. In the 1980s, he began learning about the complex world of micro-organisms and the advances made in Japan and Germany regarding the integration of soil organisms in the control of offensive odors and advanced treatment systems. At the beginning of the 1990s, this accumulation of experiences allowed Mr. Pacheco to achieve efficient designs, integrating all of these areas of knowledge into sustainable treatment plants and managing compost as a means of disposition of biosolids.


Now in the 2010s, TAIS applies all of that knowledge to solve one of the most critical problems faced by our planet: the efficient and sustainable disposal of our organic residues.


TAIS breaks through the most difficult barriers imposed by the recycling of organics. These innovations allow for the use of organic waste as agricultural inputs, achieving a circular economy that benefits the country and advances scalable solutions to the problem of climate change.